I don't know about you, but I can't be arsed with writing a proper journal... for starters, I can't write! But I seem to manage to take a photo or two of almost everything I get up to, so it does a great job of recording my adventures and it lets you see what I'm up to as well!

Last Update:  Thursday July 24, 2008   Location (at update):  Shark Bay, Australia


  • 09/06/08 - Big Update!: Here's the first few weeks of Part 3! Including the Shuttle & Delta II Launches, Diving in Utila and Hawaii and then back in Oz... There's a few sneaky updates of part two...   And as usual, check out the Favourite Photos pages, these will be populated with all the pics worth seeing!

  • 09/03/08 - Part 3 begins!: Off yet again!  This time I'm off to see the Space Shuttle Launch in Florida, do lots of diving in Utila(Honduras), see mates in Oregon, more diving in Hawaii, back to Oz for the millionth time to fill in the gaps, then to Bali to do my Dive Master before returning to NZ with a working holiday visa...  after that... who knows!?!?!?!?!!

  • 21/02/08 - Pink House Reunion Pics are up!: 20 Pinkhousers meet up in London for another round of drunken debauchery! It was a bloody good craic!  All the pics are here.

Trip Info:

  • My Part 3 Route: UK (start) > USA (FL) > Honduras > USA (OR) > USA (HI) > Australia...........

  • My Part 2 Route: UK (start) > USA (NY) > Canada > USA (OR) > Cook Islands > New Zealand > Australia > Bali > UK (finish)

  • My Part 1 Route: UK (start) > Singapore > Australia > USA > Australia > Hutt River Province > Australia > New Zealand > Australia > Fiji > Australia > Singapore > UK (finish)

  • Google Earth: Here's the link to my Google Earth Mega Placemark Collection I created, that include most of the places I've been and much of the road trip routes too!!! (PS This is several months work!)

  • Driving in Oz: So far, I've managed to clock up 46,000km in Mustie the Kombi!!!

Site Info & Things To Checkout:

  • Site Navigation TIP!!! - Head to my Favourite Photos pages first!
    It's a few big pages, but I've picked out all my best and favourite photos for you... And they're ALL commented too!!!

  • Wanna steal my photos??? - (or already have!?)  All these photos are mine! All mine!!!!!  Obviously, for some of you, there's a chance that you stealing photos that you may be in yourself, so of course you can help yourself ;-)  Others can borrow a few if you wish too... but please credit me and link to this site... And send me a message to thank me... Then, I don't mind at all :-D

  • Site Stats:  My 'little' site now contains over 28,000 photos... That's about 1.44GB of web space!

  • Wanna see a real one? Here's one of my yummy Cheese And Jam Sandwiches!

  • Wanna contact me?  Just email me at 'rich' at this domain name... i.e. cheeseandjamsandwich.co.uk  and I'll get back to you!

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